WHAT: Marketing automation is a category of software.

HOW: It streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and work ows.

WHY: So companies like yours can increase operational ef ciency and grow revenue faster.

So WHO uses marketing automation?

COMPANY SIZES: Large enterprises have long found value in the technology, but it’s important to point out that marketing automation isn’t just for big companies. In fact, Small and Mid- Sized Businesses (SMBs) make up the largest growing segment in the marketing automation technology space right now. (That’s any company with between £5 and £500 million in annual revenue.) And thousands of companies even smaller than that use marketing automation as well.

INDUSTRIES: Companies across all industries are using it. The early adopters were primarily in “business-to- business” (B2B) industries such as high-tech / software, manufacturing, and business services. But increasingly, companies across all categories – including “business-to-consumer” (B2C) industries such as healthcare, nancial services, media and entertainment, and retail – are adopting marketing automation for its real-time, relationship- oriented approach to maintaining and extending customer relationships.


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