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Part of Googles algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth. Explainer videos have boomed in popularity over the past year due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. This makes explainer videos an excellent marketing tool. Increasing your conversion rates, clarifying your product, and boosting your sales are just 3 of the 10 reasons your business should have an explainer video.

The rate of the work is base on duration of the video as follows:

30 Seconds – $150

60 Seconds – $200

90 Seconds – $250

120 Seconds – $300

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

1, Increase Conversion Rates
2, Clarify the Objective of Your Product
3, Generate Increased Interest
4, Rank Better in Google Search
5, Increase Web Traffic
6, Help Your Audience Retain Information
7, Liven Up Your Pitch
8, Grab Audience Attention
9, Easily Shareable
10, Showcase Your Personality




eBook Creator

Do you need a high quality eBook. something you can sell on Amazon.

The rate of the work is base on quantity of words as follows:

10,000 Words – $250

20,000 Words – $400

30,000 Words – $600

40,000 Words – $750


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