SEO Blogging – 5 Things To Avoid

Blogging has risen from a hobby for those who like to write, to an integral part of SEO services, as it is today, and like anything else, there are things that work and others that do not, and rather than taking the time to make the mistakes, here is a list of things to avoid when you are blogging.

Frequent Postings
Unfortunately, effective SEO blogging isn’t about quantity, and often it is prudent to resist the temptation to write yet another blog on that much-read topic, when if the truth be known, you have nothing constructive to add to what’s already there. There are, for example, blogger outreach services in London, and the experts will create engaging content that is on-topic, with correctly timed postings that are followed by the target audience.

Ineffective Hosting
It matters not how good your blogging is, if you don’t have effective hosting, very few will ever get to read it. The truth is, selecting where you post your work will ultimately determine its exposure. There are blogger outreach services that have the very best independent blog sites on just about every topic imaginable, and with high traffic exposure, your work is reaching the maximum number of people who are all in the target groups. Read an informative guide to starting a successful blog, which would help any budding blogger to get established.

Unnatural Keyword Insertion
Some SEO bloggers seem to be unaware that the keywords need to be placed in a natural looking sentence that is relative to the content. If one is writing about hair salons in London, for example, then an insertion such as “awning providers in Perth” is in no way connected, and this is not the way to present the material. As the reader makes his or her way through the blog, there should be a natural lead-up to the keywords, and they would not look out of place in any manner. If you would like to learn more, read on effective blogging strategies.

Errors of Any Kind
As a blogger, you are projecting the image that you are a professional that uses language as a tool and therefore your content should be grammatically perfect with no typos. The writing should be formatted in an easy reading style, which, in a 500-word blog, would consist of an introductory paragraph, followed by 4-5 short paragraphs (with subheadings) followed by a short conclusion. The use of bullets and numbers help to balance the writing out, and with your own unique style, the content is both engaging and pleasing to the eye.

Ignoring your Readers
Reader’s comments are important, and all should be answered, as this demonstrates the willingness of the author to engage in discussing relevant topics offline, not only that, responding to the reader will help retain your following, as no one likes to be ignored. A reader might have something to say that you strongly disagree with, but it doesn’t pay to allow your emotions to play a part in any online discussions, and always be polite, regardless of the situation.

Blogging is an acquired talent and not one that a person is born with, and in order to write engaging and informative content, one must first research the topic, and with the target reader in mind, the article should provide a high level of interest, and by gaining a following, you can be sure to see your reader figures rise.

Some bloggers stick strictly within their comfort zone, which might be technology, or perhaps travel, and by doing this, the blogger becomes more knowledgeable about the industry, which is reflected in the quality of the blog posts. If you want to include this in your SEO strategy, better work with experts who are highly knowledgeable in this field.


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