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With Google being one of the top searches, it is important that you optimize your websites for results on Google. In order to do this, you need to know what factors are being looked into when it is indexing the site. Here are some ideas to help you out.


When it comes to keywords, most people think that having your keyword in the page title and the content will get you a higher ranking. However, Google does not give this too much priority. To get higher ranking, you need to show a keyword authority that is determined by the amount of inbound links that go to your website. If the sites that link to you are higher-ranking sites, then you will place higher in Google’s ranks as well. In order to find the inbound links, search for “link: YourWebsite” in Google. Make sure when choosing your keywords you pick words that are as specific as possible, the more general the word choices, the more likely you will be classified incorrectly.

Page Factors

These are the factors that you can easily see when you view the source file on a website. Search for the top 10 websites in your field and then look at their source code. Note the keywords that they have used in the title, as well as how often they use keyword in the header, they use which header tag in regards to the keyword, and any formatting that they do to it.

There are also factors that you cannot see on the page. For instance, has the keyword been used in the domain or the sub domain of the webpage? Does the subpage rank the page? This is great research to help you with these elements of your websites.

Inbound links

In order to increase your inbound links, send email requests to sites that rank highly and ask them to link to your website. You will want to link to them before you send the request. Make sure that you make the request professional, as they likely get many of these types of emails. Another way to get the increase in links is to submit articles to popular directories, as Google crawls them rather quickly. You may also find it helpful to submit your website to different directory sites.


Make sure your website includes a site map that helps your visitors go from page to page. Not only does this help them, but it will also help the Google spiders to view all the pages on your website and add them all to your index. It is important to make sure that the links all work, but it is amazing how often a website designer does not check.

As with any time you are working with SEO, these are just some ideas to help you. You can do so many more things as a webmaster. You can also find websites and programs that will assist you with these things.


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