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Here’s What To Do To Gain Instagram Followers If You’re Embarrassed By Your Current Followers Count

Are you getting fans and sales after updating your Instagram account? Your sales on Instagram may be stagnant or non-existent. Do you want to bring more people to your channel and increase chances of getting a deal?

Take a look at these ways on how to gain Instagram followers and sales.

Highlight the best features of your brand
Do you offer gluten-free products? What are the features of your services that your clients can’t find elsewhere?

Make sure to highlight what makes brand or product stand out from the crowd in your bio. It can help in increasing Instagram followers and acquire new customers.

The Body Shop is one of the few companies that don’t use animals to test its products. It sets the company apart from other cosmetic brands.

Not all customers care about it, but the information is interesting. Thus, it doesn’t hurt the brand’s way of enticing more customers to try its products.

By highlighting such strength, it draws the interest of people who only purchase products from companies that make a positive difference in the world.

Study your company’s biggest strength and what makes it different from others. State it in your bio.

Use tags
Another effective way to grow Instagram followers is to ask your followers to tag a friend. It offers several benefits as it lets you build your following through a friend’s referral and establishes your content library.

Allow your followers to send their photos to increase user-generated content.

Use influencer marketing
If you wish to grow your brand’s following on Instagram quickly, then better use an influencer to spread your message. An influencer has to be someone with hundreds to thousands of authentic followers.

Look at the engagement rates of people in your industry. Find someone with at least two percent participation rate. Once you find one, ask him/her to wear your products, tag your brand share it through his/her Instagram profile.

Tagging is vital in influencer marketing because it allows the influencer’s followers to click the link and follow your account.

Work with the influencer for several posts and not just a one-time post. And ensure that you have a well thought out campaign. It’ll never work if you don’t have an excellent plan to boost your marketing on Instagram.

Include photos related to your brand
That said, it’s ideal to post not just product photos. Rather, ensure that you’re publishing other photos related to your products.

For example, if you’re selling strawberry cakes, try to capture strawberry fields or fruit farm. Highlight the ingredients that you use. Doing so will help inspire the community while not being too salesy.

Keep in mind that Instagram users don’t like salesy photos, especially if they’re not familiar with your brand yet.

Make sure that your Instagram feed is fun and offers a variety of related photos.


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