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Effective Planning: How to Create the DNA for Your E-Commerce Success

During my days as a student, my dad gave me a piece of advice that I didn’t understand would become even more valuable in my career as an e-commerce entrepreneur:


Most of us became commercial cybernauts because we yearned for the independence the Dot Com lifestyle offered. We wanted to be the masters of our own fate and make our time our own.


To get there, we accepted two stark and obvious realities:

It all starts with the first element in our three-stage mantra:

  • Create a plan, something that you’ll enjoy doing;
  • Find a mentor, someone who’s successful and interests you; and
  • Automate as much of your daily business tasks as possible.

For most startups, it’s getting to grips with the analytics that causes trepidation.

It shouldn’t. Much of the fundamental data is easily crunchable to the non-techie, and this segment of any business is vital. After all, it’s measuring your site’s engagement with your visitors, better enabling you to determine how to convert them into customers.


You need that information to better address the customer experience (CX). Here are four main reasons why:


Remember, your task is to provide solutions for your customers, not just in the products and services you offer, but in their ease of engaging with your site and their satisfaction with your follow-up.

The breadth of your plan should ultimately reveal that your online business is definitely an enterprise in and of itself.

Treat it that way. For it to be successful, two characteristics must be evident:

  • Your knowledge of your product or services and your niche, and
  • Your knowledge of resources available to supplement your skills.

Thus, your plans should include:

  • Identifying a mentor who’s been there and done that, and
  • Understanding the tools and services that can automate much of your tasks.

That’s when you’re ready to take action.

Here’s a tip: a strong high-ticket program offers those vital elements. It’s just another reason why one or more of them should be at the heart of your operations.

Some can educate and assist you, improving the odds of your success, no matter what your chosen niche may be.

In so doing, you’ll have the necessary building blocks that will bring your dream to life.

A very successful life.



Kjell Sherman, Manager – The Norra Ljusen Trust

Norra Ljusen — pronounced norra YOU-sun — is Swedish for Northern Lights.  My name, Kjell, is pronounced shell to English speakers.

You can view a short video about how I entered the exciting world of online entrepreneurship on the home page of our Better Life Focus site. It’s dedicated to motivated marketers and provides trending Dot Com news, information, and entertainment for motivated entrepreneurs who commit to take action in their quest to reclaim their time by becoming and remaining financially independent via e-commerce.

If you’re committed to online success, we’d like to welcome you to the Dot Com lifestyle!

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