WP Social Contact Review – Get More Leads from Your Website Using This

Have you tried filling out a contact form on a website? Boring, right?

I know. Everyone hates it.

Most of the viewers or customers are impatient when it comes to getting a reply. They want quick and interactive conversations nowadays. That is why most of the marketers lose customers because they’re still using this old method.

Today, what I’m about to show you will change everything.

We know for a fact that social media is the new revolution this days. Sadly, some websites did not take advantage of this, and they’re still using the old method of filling out a contact form. Well, that ends now.

Introducing WP Social Contact!

This is the perfect software to help your customers to easily contact you through your social media accounts in just one click. Awesome, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go read this review!



FE Features

  1. WordPress Compatible- Essential WordPress Plugin for Every Single Blog and WordPress Site
  2. Integrate Social Media Accounts- Adds 20+ Social Ways for visitors and customers to reach you faster!
  3. Floating Box Feature- A dialog box will be displayed in the right corner of your website.

PRO Features

  1. ADDS 3 EXTRA Popup Types – to your contact button popup and show amazing colorful icons and HYBRID popup with built in contact form + social links.
  2. Add HTML Content to Popups / Optin Forms – Now you can add any kind of html content or optin form code to your popups and change call to action of your contact buttons too.
  3. Customize Color Scheme of Your Popup – Completely change the color scheme of your popup and make it match your site or stand out for more attention.
  4. Animated Browser TAB TITLE – for extra attention grabbing makes visitors come back to your site even if they have browsed away to another page.

Personalize Your Popup with Text & Your Picture / Brand Logo.

  1. Change Call to Action For Post/Page/Category to show a different call to action text based on what part of your site the visitor is on – amazing feature!
  2. AUTO POPUP with Notification Sound – Make your popup automatically OPEN after a few seconds so the visitor really sees it and also pops up with a little notification sound so its hard to ignore.
  3. 15+ Animations for Your Contact Button – Makes your contact button appear in style and fly onto your page so its hard to miss & makes your site look cool.
  4. Attention Grabbers + Loops – Now you can make your contact button grab more attention with 10 different types of looped animated attention grabbing effects.

Download WP Social Contact now!

How Does It Work?

You don’t need technical skills to use this. This is super easy. You can check this video as a walk-through:

Good Points

  1. Will make your sites more appealing to customers/viewers
  2. User friendly
  3. Can be customized
  4. Responsive Technical Support


Bad Points

  1. For WordPress users only
  2. Need stable internet connection
  3. Need to contact support desk if you have questions


Still wanna use that old form for your customers/viewers? I know you can do more that. GET Your copy of WP Social Contact Here!


Shortcodes Ultimate for WordPress

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EmailFindr Review – Find Anyone’s Professional Email in 1-Click

Looking for an email address of someone? Come here! Let me show you.

I know it is a difficult thing to do whether you are in the field of internet marketing or not. You really need to spend numerous hours in order to get the exact email address to contact.

But that’s not what we are going to talk about. If you are still with me, I’ll show you how it’s done as promised.

Introducing EmailFindr!

Today, your huge amount of time spending in search for the exact email address can be done in just ONE CLICK. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!




Front End – Features

[+] One-Click Software Finds ANYONES Email Address.

[+] Find & Download Business Leads from Facebook.

[+] Get Business Leads from Google.

[+] Uncover Social Profiles & even Personal Email Address of anyone you want to reach out or do business with.

[+] PERFECT for cold sales & intro emails.

[+] Create Virtual Lists for Prospecting.

[+] Add Unlimited Leads to Unlimited Lists.

OTO 1 – PRO Version Features

[+] PRO VERSION – Uncovers 100s of email addresses from a single domain. (means you can find email addresses of employees working at any company or business)

[+] Spam Words Checker Tool

[+] Spam Score Checker Tool

[+] Email Countdown Tool (countdown inside email)

[+] Email Formatter.

[+] Email Extractor (from any kind of content)

[+] Headline Generator – get 300+ headlines for articles/text.

[+] Email Ideas Generator –  Niche based subject-line ideas.

[+] Email Verifier Tool – verify 1000s of emails in seconds.

Download EmailFindr now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy I can guarantee you. In this video, you just have to follow the 3 simple steps:

Good Points

  1. Doesn’t require technical skills
  2. Time Saver
  3. Responsive Technical Support
  4. Profitable


Bad Points

  1. Need fast internet connection
  2. Need to contact support desk if there is any unknown drawbacks


There you have it! You are now one click away to end your problem in searching for the exact email address. GET Your copy of EmailFindr Here!

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