4 Ways to Use Emotional Marketing to Make Your Brand Stand Out

With social media and other new ways of advertising, we are constantly bombarded with meaningless messages every day. Scrolling through social media platforms, most people hardly notice advertisements anymore, as many people have been trained to tune them out.

As a business owner, this means your business’ social media posts might get lost in the feed along with hundreds of others like it. However, there is one way to make your message stand out that has had great success in the past, especially recently—emotional marketing.

What is Emotional Marketing?

Have you ever watched a commercial or read a social media post that really made you feel something? That is emotional marketing. Emotional marketing is more than just a quick sales pitch. Instead, it is a way of connecting with your audience by telling them a story and relating to them on an emotional level. Tapping into a person’s emotions is the easiest way to get their attention and keep it.

Doing so authentically is the key to winning them over and turning readers into lifelong customers. Here are some ways your brand can leverage emotional marketing to make your social media posts and other marketing stand out among the rest.

By Showing Love

The easiest way to someone’s heart is, of course, through love. This technique can be leveraged by finding a way to showcase your product or service in a way that will tug at someone’s heart strings. The feeling of love can be used outside of the traditional way of looking at it. In other words, this technique doesn’t just apply to brands selling jewelry and flowers—almost any brand can use emotional marketing to appeal to their audience.

Does your brand aim to improve life in some way? Demonstrate that your company can improve the life of the customer or their loved ones. People want to feel love and warmth, so consider this marketing technique for your next advertisement.

By Being Local

Most people love their community, and love giving back to it. Is your brand local or does it have special ties to small communities? You could possibly leverage that audience and demonstrate how your brand benefits the community. People will often go out of their way to purchase from local brands in the community rather than big brands and corporations. If your business is local or can demonstrate a local feel that can be a great way to use emotional marketing to attract new customers.

Even if your business is not necessarily local, you might still be able to use this. Maybe your business gives back to a particular community in some way. If you can show that you can still use this form of emotional marketing. Your customers will see that your business cares about small communities and will be more willing to listen to your message.


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