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3 Tricks to Become an Instagram Influencer

1. Fake questions

Having your posts shown first in your followers’ feeds is very important. Instagram’s algorithm decides what posts to show you based on your relationships with the accounts you follow (among other factors, too). Check out Buffer’s blog for an in-depth breakdown of how the algorithm works. If you recently engaged with an account, you’re more likely to see a post from that account vs. an account that you haven’t engaged with.

Relationships are ranked in the algorithm according to a hierarchy. For instance, only liking the posts of an account shows a low-level relationship. However, if you frequently comment on the account, it indicates a deeper, richer relationship — meaning you’ll be shown that account’s posts more frequently and higher up in your feed. The strongest relationship indicators come from saving posts and sending direct messages (DMs).

2. Engagement pods 

For a post to go viral it must be deemed “high quality” by the algorithm. The algorithm judges the quality of posts by looking at things such as engagement ratios.

Engagement ratios are stats that count, for example, how many people saw the post and then engaged with it, i.e. comparing total reach to total engagement. The higher this number is the better quality the post is, as judged by the algorithm. The “high-quality” posts will then be featured on the Explore page. This is the secret to posts going viral on Instagram.

3. Re-engagement

It’s not all about growing as fast as possible, though. To go viral consistently, it is important to maintain a heavily engaged following.

Once our models gain a follower, we don’t just focus on getting more. We incentivize long-term engagement from each follower, rewarding follower engagement on behalf of our models. To do this, our team looks diligently through comments left by followers, and then likes and replies to these comments for them. This creates a deeper relationship and rewards follower engagement. We then create “super fans” for models by further liking the personal posts of their most engaged followers.

By experimenting with ideas like these any influencer can go viral, unlock more organic reach and grow a genuinely engaged following.


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